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School lunches: Healthy or Not?

After three hours in the classroom, most kids will eat anything! But the question what they are eating healthy for them? Our federal government has a strong arm on what our kids eat everyday in our schools. A concern that many parents and kids have is whether or not the government knows what they are talking about. Take these kids for instance...

Nobody wants to each something wrapped in plastic every day! How is that healthy for anyone, much less our growing children! As Nina Gonzalez states in her article "Take Action",

"Menus in most school lunch programs are too high in saturated fat and cholesterol and too low in fiber- and nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes (see PCRM’s 2008 School Lunch Report Card). Major changes are needed to encourage the health of the nation’s youth and to reverse the growing trends of obesity, early-onset diabetes, and hypertension, among other chronic diseases, in children and teens."

So what do parents do, they start to pack their own kids lunches! This way the parents know their kids are eating a good lunch and the kids get to pick out what they want to eat! It's a win win!