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State and federal law enforcement officials are warning consumers to be wary of scams targeting donors to Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

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City should recruit retirees

Big business in Lawrence may mean attracting more people who have retired from it, according to a new report commissioned by an offshoot of Douglas County Senior Services.

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Smoking, obesity top state health issues

Smoking and obesity are the top health challenges facing Kansans. Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips, director of health for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said they are costing lives and money.

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Indelible impressions

Many tears were shed Monday afternoon when a Lawrence couple greeted their families after escaping the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Haiti last week.

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With some help, healthy lawns can oust crabgrass

Crabgrass is an invasive weed that grows well in lawns that are lightly watered, underfertilized and relatively sunny. Preventing crabgrass with pre-emergent herbicides requires good timing. Applied too early, pre-emergents will be washed away, and applied too late, they are completely ineffective. Once crabgrass has taken root, nonchemical methods are the best means of getting it under control. Seven simple steps will help you create and maintain a crabgrass-free lawn.

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